Our Mission

Since China`s rise great art is emerging. Across boarders we introduce contemporary art from China to the West and vise versa.

Powered by our strategic relations with a large network of artists, agents, galleries, art enthusiasts, experts and corporate partners.

We provide international exposure with our “Art-Online Platform” and through jointly sponsored exhibitions.




New company name | logo | copyright | trademark ARTMO

artmo is registered on >

.com | .art | .net | . shop | .store | .gallery | .blog | .news | .tv | Facebook | LinkedIn | BuzzFeed | Twitter | WhatsAPP | WeChat | Weiboa | etc.

artuniques.com will stay alive for a while.

Soon we will set artmo.com as our main home domain.

 Creating new and innovative platforms.

Think about the art world as another way to approach new customers.

Create a new platform for increasing the recognition and exposure of your brand.

A different approach to advertising - offline and online.

Let us team up and brainstorm to seek new opportunities and create new ideas.

It's all about people.

Highly professional and experienced team.

Aided by associates, experts and friends.

In addition, our combined experience in advertising and marketing gives us the competency for creating value adding relations with the corporate world.

Mutually beneficial.

Creating added value in both ways. Bringing people together.

Expanding your network.

Universities | Artist Agents | Ministries of the Arts | Not-for-Profit Organisations

In our corporate partner relations, we maintain strategic relationships to find common ground and work for mutual benefit.

Start-Up on full speed.

Tech-based WFOE.

Approaching PreA pitch soon.

The back-end of the business model consists of several sophisticated online marketing concepts with extraordinary potential.